Angela Jaymes

Angela Jaymes - Actor

Angela Jaymes is an actor and theatre teacher currently based in Los Angeles. She is a recent transplant from Boston, Massachusetts, where she was given numerous opportunities to cut her teeth across the performance spectrum. She has worked commercially for clients such as Bose, Lego, Duracell, and Lady Speed Stick. Regionally, she has appeared in commercials for The Connecticut Lottery, The Hartford Courant, and Cambridge Trust. On film, Jaymes will appear in Chris McCoy's upcoming feature "Good Kids", starring Ashley Judd and Zoey Deutch, set to be released in theaters August (2016).

On stage, Jaymes has had the immense freedom to stretch her abilities across the gamut of character types. She has played young and old, little boys and mature women, the morally debauched and the morally righteous, crazies and clowns, natives and foreigners, in both contemporary and classical contexts. Her work has been recognized by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF 2011), and the Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE 2013).

Jaymes holds a teaching license in Theatre and is a proud alumni of Emerson College. Get at me, Mafia.

80s Mercedes
CoastHills - Hipster Barber
Bose - Artist
Lego - Young Mom
Cambridge Trust - Daughter
Duracell - Indie Girl
Come Rain or Come Shine - Angie
Closer - Alice
Echoes - Tilda
Taming of the Shrew - Biondello